Super Digest-It Safe Drain Opener


  • 100% Natural

  • Opens stopped drains

  • Safe for your family and pets

  • Cleans up and down pipes for a complete drain cleaning

  • Safe for garbage disposals and toilets

  • Enhances septic systems

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Economical

  • Works better than chemicals

  • Guaranteed to work!


Your Super Digest-It is beyond belief! Never before has my tub drain run so quick and clean. Never again will I go back to harsh chemicals.

- Mary in Maryland

Why endanger your family and plumbing with scary acid-based cleaners when you can get the job done better, safer? Unique Super Digest-It Safe Drain Opener is a guaranteed safe, effective, drain cleaner and maintainer. Our proprietary blend of bacterial microbes and enzymes have been specifically formulated to attack and dissolve the elements that routinely clog drains. Our blend of drain cleaning microbes will never harm septic systems or garbage disposals. In fact, Super Digest-It will enchance your septic system's ability to properly dispose of waste! It is also completely safe for your family and nature. It doesn't get much more important than that! Try it and find out what a truly remarkable product it is!

Fats, Oils, and Greases (F.O.G.), as well as organic waste, are the most common causes of clogged drains, backed up sewage pipes & build up in septic systems. Grease solidifies at around 55 degrees. As grease and soap go down the drain, they cool down and collect on the lines. Some garbage or hair starts sticking to the grease and soap, soon you have a slow drain. If this continues, the drain will stop up completely.

Super Digest-It Safe Drain Opener is blend of microbes & enzymes formulated to eat the grease and soap in your drains. It eats, digests, and then turns the grease and soap into water and carbon dioxide. THIS IS NATURE’S WAY.

Super Digest-It is an effective and safe drain cleaner and opener. This all-natural, green, drain opener will unclog most drains overnight without using any harsh chemicals that could injure your family or the environment. If used as a drain maintainer you'll have perfectly running drains without any hassle. You can use this safe drain opener in your garbage disposals, bathtubs and toilets without fear of damaging your plumbing. This concentrated, bacterial, cleaner is safe enough for your home but strong enough for the toughest jobs, making it ideal not only at home, but also for commercial use. Unique Super Digest-It is a guaranteed, effective, safe and organic drain cleaning product. Perfect for hotels, motels, restaurants, apartments, condos, and your home!

Super Digest-It is the only safe drain cleaner that guarantees to open completely stopped drains. If used as a weekly maintainer, you'll never have backed up drains again. Plus it's safe for you garbage disposal, toilets and septic systems! Use this green, natural, product and your drains will run like they're brand new!

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- Shake Well -

Super Digest-It will not harm septic tanks. In fact, it will actually benefit your septic system by infusing healthy bacteria into the system to aid the digestion process.

Clogged Drains & Sump Pumps
Pour 1 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT into standing water and let sit. Drain should be completely open in 1 hour.

Slow Drains
Best if done at bedtime. Plug drain and fill basin half-full with warm water. Pour 1 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT into water. Let sit for 30 minutes. Open drain. Do not use for 6 hours. Repeat if necessary.

Regular Drain Maintenance
Pour 1/2 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT down each drain once a month. Your lines should run freely without backups.

Descaling Toilet Tank
Pour 1 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT into toilet tank (not bowl) at bedtime and leave overnight. Flush toilet in morning. Repeat every 2 weeks as needed.

Grease Trap Maintenance
Pour 1/2 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT down drain every day at closing.

Clogged Swamp Cooler
Pour 1 quart SUPER DIGEST-IT into circulating pan and let circulate through system.

Soda Fountain & Air Conditioning Lines
Pour 1 cup SUPER DIGEST-IT into pan. Let sit overnight then completely flush with water.

Hot Tub
Fill hot tub, with water, until all the jets are covered. Make sure the temperature does not get above 100 degrees. Pour a pint of SUPER DIGEST-IT into the water and let it sit for 30 minutes. After the 30 minutes, turn on all the jets for 5 minutes. Then turn off the jets and let everything sit for 1 hour. With the same water repeat the entire process.

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Video - Reviewed Super Digest-It

Just wanted to let you know how great your product is. I live in Arizona and have a swamp (evaporative cooler). Our spider gets clogged all the time with the hard water and I usually have to change pads once a month. This summer (May-November) I used the Super Digest-It product once in June and have only had to change pads once (due to storm) and the spider is free and clear. I have save $60 so far with one quart of Digest. I buy Unique from Ace Hardware. I really had to search for it as it was not in the heating and cooling aisle. Found it in the plumbing. The next product I plan on trying is the Carpet Shampoo. Keep up the good work.

-Katharine in AZ

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How does Super Digest-It work?

Bacteria and enzymes cling to the organic matter that cause clogs and over time (hours to days) it will eat and digest the gunk so your drains will flow smoothly. Our drain cleaner, Super Digest-It has a form of health, safe bacteria that produces 7 different types of enzymes. Each enzyme breaks down and digests different things like cellulose, proteins, carbs, etc. Remember these are microscopic bacteria and it may take some time to break down a clog especially if it’s big!

Is Super Digest-It really safe?

Absolutely! This aint your Daddy’s acidic, burn-your-hand-off, drain opener anymore! It’s powerful but not dangerous. A great combination. Matter of fact, when our owner, Don, shows Super Digest-It to consumers he dips his finger in the bottle and wipes it on his shirt to prove its safe! Pretty cool, huh?

How much Super Digest-It should I use down the drain?

4 ounces is recommended. More is not necessary. But, if you do apply more than 4 ounces of Super Digest-It drain cleaner it won’t hurt the drain. Truthfully, you will just start with more poop munching bacteria! Gross, yet true.

How should I apply Super Digest-It?

Apply at bedtime so the drain will not be used. After you've applied the drain cleaner, let it sit overnight.

If possible, plug your drain and allow warm water to run into the sink for about 60 seconds. The warm water will encourage the healthy bacteria to grow so Super Digest-It can work quicker. Pour the Super Digest-It into the warm water and allow it to sit for 15 minutes before releasing the drain stopper. A huge amount of bacteria will eat faster and cling more to the grease and grime than a smaller than huge amount of bacteria.

Can I use Super Digest-It in my bathtub?
Mix 1 cup of Super Digest-It with 2 cups of very warm water and allow 30 minutes for mix to activate. Then, pour mix down the bathtub drain and let sit overnight. The longer you let it sit the better!

After using Super Digest-It my drains are still clogged, why?

If the product doesn’t work there may be a couple factors involved:

1. Our bacteria are living organisms and different environments can affect them. If you use heavy amounts of anti-bacterial soap or toothpaste it can kill or slow down the bacteria. You will have to apply Super Digest-It two or three times to get rid of the anti-bacterial soap first (Please note: Tea Tee Oil is anti-bacterial). After that, you should get better results. Did you know that tea tree oil is a big time bacteria killer, if you use tea tree oil products this may cause some problems as well!

2. You may need more than one application. Our bacteria are tiny little buggers and they need time to work. It could take a few battalions to attack the clog and finally eat it up completely.

3. Hair clinging to the drain plug. Sometimes hair wraps around the drain plug. Our bacteria can not eat hair so before you can really begin to devour the drain blockage the hair should be manually removed from the drain plug. We recommend using a small hair removal snake such as Flexi-Snake if hair is a significant issue.

4. You may be part of the 2%. Our product will not break down inorganic solids which comprise 2% of the blockages out there. Simply said, there may be something down your drain that bacteria can’t eat. Did your well-meaning baby drop its toy down the drain?

Can I feed the bacteria to help strengthen it?

Uh, just between us, YES! Our Spartan Bacteria nutrition plan includes steak, potatoes, beer and ice cream for the little guys. Purchase our bacteria strength building plan for a mere $185. Okay, we're kidding! No, believe us, there is enough food in every drain to really beef these little bacterias up!

What if I need help?

Well it depends on the kind of help you need. If it’s regarding Super Digest-It call our customer service number: 1-800-476-1608. There is even a chance that you may get to talk to Don!

If you need professional help because life isn't awesome anymore try this.

Can Super Digest-It be used in garbage disposals?

Absolutely! Unlike most drain openers, it is safe for the garbage disposal! Plus, our bacteria really love the food they will find down your disposal. It’s the closest thing you’ll find to a bacteria heaven!

I have metal pipes, is that a problem?

Nope, our product is not caustic or harsh... just hungry!

Can I use Super Digest-It preventatively?

Definitely! As a matter of fact we recommend it! Super Digest It should be poured down your drains on a monthly basis to never have backups again... unless you’re Bigfoot and it’s shedding season. Seriously though, use this product monthly on your busiest drains and every couple months on the others and your drains will remain clean and clear. Sorry plumbers!

Will Tea Tree Oil affect this product?

Yes, Tea Tree Oil has natural anti-bacterial properties that will kill the good bacteria (the active ingredient in Super Digest-It). To properly clean your drains, discontinue the use of products containig Tea Tree Oil until Super Digest-It has fully unclogged your pipes. Please be aware that Tea Tree Oil is a contributor to backed up and slow running drains.

Can Super Digest It be used to clean the jets in my jetted bathtub?

Yes! Here's how. Fill the tub high enough with warm water so that the water reaches all of the jets (water should be warm to the touch). Then apply 16oz (1 pint) of Super Digest It to the tub, allow to sit for 30 minutes. Then turn on jets for 5 minutes, turn off and allow to sit for another hour, repeat the process of turning on the jets for 5 minutes and allow to sit for another hour. Finally drain and rinse the tub. Thanks to billions of hungry little bacteria, you can once again enjoy a nice jetted bath with strawberries, wine, and candles!

Your product is awesome, and I just have a need to tell the world, how can I do that?

Well besides buying a whole bunch of bullhorns and hiring millions of people to stand on every street corner in the world singing our praises, you can do 2 things:

1. Send us your testimonial, and we will do our best to get it out there (Use the Contact Form on this website or email us at

2. Tell everyone that you love the products and that if they haven't tried them already they should contact us! (800-201-0592)

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