RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment


  • Digests all brands of toilet paper

  • Unclogs backed up holding tanks overnight

  • Liquefies solids in holding tank

  • Helps clean sensors

  • Four month supply in every quart

  • Inexpensive

  • Destroys odor causing pollutants

  • Made in the U.S.A.

  • Contains no formaldehyde


Your product is the best. We’ve lived in our 1976 Franklin Coach for 3 years and have found that the Unique RV Digest It Concentrate dissolves all holding tank waste and there is no odor from the toilet or sinks.

We tried other products before finding Unique, and none of them conquered the sewage smell, and we like the NO ODOR, NO COLOR liquid you use.

The savings is also a BIG factor. Your product only takes 2oz. per tank cleaning. All the other products were 4oz. or more! We never want to use anything else, so please stay in business.

- Shar in Texas

RV Digest-It is a bacterial, holding tank cleaner and maintainer formulated to open any clogged holding tank and maintain any type of RV / Marine holding tank. Our proprietary blend of healthy bacteria works faster and more effectively than any other holding tnak product available at digesting the wastes that cause odors and clogs in your holding tanks. Our bacteria is good bacteria and it's totally safe for your family and pets. RV Digest-It is guaranteed to work faster and stronger than any other brand of holding tank deodorizer available or we'll give you your money back! Believe us when we say that we're the best!

RV Digest-It Holding Tank Treatment is a safe and natural cleaning product for your RV's holding tanks or portable toilets. This eco-friendly product will go to work on your camper's toilet by putting billions of healthy bacteria into the holding tank that will biodegrade all of the contents that cause odors and backups and it will do it overnight! Special, expensive RV toilet paper, is unnecessary if you are maintaining your RV water systems with Unique RV Digest-It. We guarantee that all of your black and gray tanks will be flowing smoothly, including those using household toilet paper, after using this product! RV Digest-It will out-work other RV products overnight. Because everything is turned into liquid, dumping is always easy. Plus, if used correctly, it cleans sensors - guaranteed!

RV Digest-It is guaranteed to liquify the odor and clog causing elements in your holding tanks overnight, including household toilet paper! One quart will treat a full-time camper's tanks for four months. Use this green, natural, product to turn everything in your holding tanks to liquid so you'll never have odors or back-ups again!

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-Shake Well-
6 Capfuls Is Equal To 2 Ounces

Initial Treatment

Dump holding tank and flush system with water. Pour one gallon of fresh water into tank through toilet. Next, pour 4 ounces of RV DIGEST-IT down toilet for every 40 gallons in tank.

Normal Use

Dump holding tank but do not flush system with water - this will remove necessary bacteria. Add 2 ounces of RV DIGEST-IT down toilet for every 40 gallons in tank.

Unclogging Holding Tanks Overnight

Pour 1 quart RV DIGEST-IT into holding tank. Fill tank with water- preferably warm. Let sit for 24 hours. Open petcock and drain. Contents of tank should be broken down to liquid form and able to drain freely.

Sink & Gray Water Holding Tanks

To keep your gray water systems operating efficiently, pour 4 ounces RV DIGEST-IT down sink and shower drains. Fill system with clean water and allow to stand overnight. Drain system and follow directions for normal use.
Clean high traffic carpet areas with UNIQUE CARPET SHAMPOO.
Remove grease and grime, including exterior black smudges, with UNIQUE GRIME EATER.

Cleaning Your Sensors

After 2 or 3 normal uses your sensors should be free of grease and waste and should be working correctly. Unless they are no longer working because they are broken and need to be replaced, cleaning with Unique RV Digest-It will restore them to working condition.

1 - Pour 1 qt. Unique RV Digest-It into tank. Fill tank with water (preferably warm). Let sit for 24 hours. Open petcock and drain. Contents of tank should be broken down to carbon dioxide and water.

2 - Add 4 oz. Unique RV Digest-It to sink and shower drains. Fill system with clean water and allow to stand overnight. Drain system and follow directions for normal use.

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I bought RV Digest-It in Quartzite, AZ this last winter. It worked great. I ran out and started using Thetford’s drop-in packets, and the system plugged up in two tank fulls. Also, the sensors are now showing full all the time. Thanks for a good product that works.
- David In Utah

I have been so pleased with your product ever since I found it by accident in a Camping World. Since my home is on a septic tank I have found it has kept me from having to have the black water pumped every six to eight months.
- William in Missouri

I recently purchased an RV with a completely clogged black water tank, it had been left full at the beach for months and so all of the liquid had evaporated. We thought that surely the tank would have to be replaced. I did a search on line and came across your product and thought it would be worth a try. I poured the entire quart in the tank and left it for a week, keep in mind that the trailer could not be moved so no sloshing around in the tank could take place, it just sat there. When I came back I added more water and pulled the valve and could hear the contents draining, music to my ears! What a relief! We are hooked on Digest it and now use it regularly.
- Vince in North Carolina

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1. How much RV Digest-It should I use in my holding tank?
On your initial treatment we recommend pouring 4oz in the holding tank and then after that use 2oz. after you empty your tank. If your holding tank is used heavily and you notice that the product is not completely eliminating the odors up your dosage to 4oz. and the odors should be gone!

After dumping your tank do not flush out your tank, the remaining liquid contains healthy active bacteria so leave it, don't flush with water.

2. Will RV Digest-It work in cold weather?

Absolutely it will work in cold weather, you would only run into an issue if the contents of your tank are frozen solid, but if that is the case you probably have bigger problems and I would recommend you look outside you could be in Antarctica!

3. How about hot weather?

Our products use bacteria which is a living organism and just like us bacteria has an ideal climate that we work most efficiently in. If the holding tank reaches temperatures above 110 degrees the bacteria will slow down and not work as quickly as normal. If this could be happening to you we recommend buying a bag of ice and putting the ice into the holding tank. The bacteria will thank you for the help!

4. Should I use RV Digest-It in my black and gray tank?

Yes, be mindful that when using the product in your gray tank heavy usage of antibacterial products (soaps, tea tree oil, even toothpaste) will slow down and possibly kill the bacteria, so be mindful of what you are putting down the sink.

5. Will this product clean my sensors?

Sensors are a huge problem for RV owners and yes our product will clean your sensors. Here are a couple things that could give you trouble that you need to be aware of:

-If you are traveling in a hard water area you sensors will likely stop working because of calcium buildup on the sensors. If you catch it early RV Digest It should be able to break down the greases and oils that cause the calcium to stick to the sensors, however it it's been building up over a long period of time the bacteria may not be able to penetrate the calcium if this is the case we recommend putting citric acid in your tank for a day or two and then empty and rinse the tank to remove the calcium.

-Sloshing/aeration of the tank is important as the bacteria works on breaking down debris that is blocking the sensor, so if your RV always stays in 1 place that may slow down the effectiveness of the bacteria when cleaning the sensors.

6. Your product is awesome, and I just have a need to tell the world, how can I do that?

Well besides buying a whole bunch of bullhorns and hiring millions of people to stand on every street corner in the world singing our praises, you can do 2 things:

1. Send us your testimonial, and we will do our best to get it out there (Use the Contact Form on this website or email us at info@norcalunqiue.com)

2. Tell everyone that you love the products and that if they haven't tried them already they should contact us! (800-201-0592)

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